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15% Fixed Preferred Return Medical Account Receivables Asset Backed Finance Fund.

A special purpose entity created to acquire, fund, service and profit through sourcing, diligence, underwriting, servicing and capital for the purchase of Select and Verified Medical Account Receivables Assets.

Founded in 2023 and based in the Nevada, United States, PFDProManagement Fund, LLC (the ‘Company” or “PFDPRO”) is a medical lien financing company that provides funding to medical providers and facilities throughout the United States.

Successful track record of originating line of credit advances (“LOC Advances”) and letter of protection (“LOP”) purchases (“LOP Purchases”) receivables, with a net multiple of investment of 1.61x, across both products, over a weighted average life of approximately 18 months.

The founders have originated over $300mm in principal receivables since 2016 through over 421 transactions, including LOC Advances and LOP Purchases.
  • Issuer – PFDPro Management Fund, LLC
  • Security – Redeemable Series Class B
  • Principal Invested – Up to $32,700,000
  • Units Issued – 100 units
  • Stated Value per Unit – $327,000
  • Preferred – 15% per annum, paid quarterly in arrears (3.75%)
  • Term – Target return of investor capital beginning on month 30, and target having all investor capital returned to investor by month 53
  • Return of Capital – 100% at Term
  • Waterfall – At return of investor capital, the investors share a 7.5% participation in the projects Reserve Profits through month 120
  • Minimum Check Size – $81,750 for One Fourth (1/4) Unit, subject to PFDPros’ discretion to accept subscriptions for lower amounts
  • Closing – August 3, 2023 – or sooner
  • Securitization via PG, Blanket Lien, Letters of Credit, and Letters of Protection.

Offering size

$25,000,000 total
$50,000 minimum investment
$327,000 per unit